WE CAN restore Faith in City Hall.
WE CAN drain our streets.
WE CAN solve more crime.

Dr. Marvin McNeese, Jr. has a plan to put Houston on the path to progress. He’s FOR Houston, and FOR you.


Marvin McNeese Jr., Ph.D. is a man you can trust to make solid decisions for our city. He’s a man of faith, a husband, father, and friend compelled to use his political science knowledge to serve the Houston community. His ideas, perspective, and commitment to be an advocate for the people make him the ideal candidate to help get Houston on a path to progress. He is the leader the city needs when it comes to issues like flooding, employment, education, equality, and safety. 

Latest News!

Latest News!

August 20, 2019

The Race is Set…

Yesterday was the deadline for candidates to officially file for a place on the November ballot.  Please forgive me if I don’t mention my seven opponents by name (you can find them here); I don’t want to inadvertently advertise them. 😊  However, I do want to address how I am STILL the best candidate for Houston City Council At-Large Position 5.


I know what the City of Houston CAN and SHOULD do for us.

We have some big needs among us—education, healthcare, etc.—but our American Political System divides these needs among different governments.  I understand which of our needs pertain to the City of Houston (hint: the above two do not).  It would be better for some of my opponents to be running for Congress next year rather than for City Council this year based on the social needs they want to address.


I have a PLAN for addressing the City’s top priorities.

Many of my opponents put forth great aspirations and goals but have not mapped out a plan to achieve them.  In contrast, I have done extensive research into the City’s most pressing issues—police, drainage, and balancing the budget—and have detailed plans that would allow us to solve them.  Find them on my website (marvinmcneese.com/issues). 


I am the most PREPARED for the office sought.

Inspired from my youth, I sought the highest level of technical preparation for a career in public service. Starting with minors in college in Political Science and Spanish, I earned two Masters degrees in public policy and public administration, as well as in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. I finished with a Ph.D. in Political Science from Rice University.  Plus, having taught American and Texas government for the last 13 years to non-traditional students has helped me to understand how government shapes lives for good and bad.


I have the RIGHT VALUES to serve ALL Houstonians.

Informed by my Christian faith and our country’s founding principles, I will vehemently defend against using the coercive power of government to impose my will or anyone else’s over the rights and liberties of others, even those whose values and actions I disagree with.  I will arm all competing stakeholders with as much information as possible to seek their own protection and advancement in the marketplace.  Some of my opponents hate government, wanting to defund it all the while complaining about how it fails to serve us.  I, instead, am inspired by government for its singular ability to help us order ourselves and provide for ourselves those goods and services that we want us all to enjoy and can only provide collectively.  I am committed to ensuring that those goods and services be provided sufficiently and equitably but as inexpensively as possible.


It would be my joy to serve you

In short, I am wired, set up and ready to serve in the particular role of Council Member At-Large 5 of the City of Houston.  Please help me to win this race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1-2), so that I can work toward the joyous end of restoring FAITH in government.

Principle-Driven Policies

To Support the Community

It’s time we had a fresh perspective in City Hall. Marvin McNeese is a leader driven by values and rather than a personal agenda. And his driving motivation is to be an advocate for the hard-working people of Houston–to serve them in City Council by developing policies that put the city on a path to progress by addressing crime, public safety, economics and jobs, and flooding and drainage for ALL communities.

Restoring Faith

In City Hall

Where does change start? With a leader who is connected with the community, not to an office. Marvin McNeese has a track record of service that support his values of education, equality, and justice for all people. His leadership style is to meet voters where they are, to listen, to serve. He lives a life that proclaims his belief that a community that serves together rises together.

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Marvin McNeese, Jr. Ph.D.

for City Council At-Large Position 5

Marvin McNeese, Jr. is currently the Chair for the General Education Department at College of Biblical Studies in Houston where he has taught political science for more than 15 years and has served as a grant writer in the Development Department. His training in political science and economics began at Albion College in Michigan and continued at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. At the same time, he enrolled in the Teresa Lorenzo Long Institute of Latin American Studies because he wanted to understand Hispanic Americans and what life is like in their countries of heritage. After earning two master’s degrees, he took a two-year assignment with Avant Ministries in Panama, as well as numerous other residencies and trips in six other Latin American countries. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Rice University in 2015.

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