Marvin McNeese, Jr. Ph.d.

 Professor McNeese believes in policy that is principle-driven. He is a pragmatic visionary that sees a clear path to progress for Houston.

Marvin is a Deacon in his church, a loyal husband, and father to four children. These roles shape his perspective, as does his background as a political science educator.

Marvin McNeese Jr., Ph.D. is running for City Council because he has a heart for Houston and its people. He calls the Third Ward home and has been a Houston resident for more than 25 years. 

Restore Faith in City Hall

Improve City Services

Drain ALL our Streets by Efficient Use of ReBuild Houston Funding

Hire more Police & Decrease Crime

Grow our Local Economy

Work with HFD on a Prop B Solution

“I am a community servant who wants to represent Houstonians by advocating for equality and justice across our great city. My commitment is to the community, not to special interest groups or bureaucratic offices.”

– Professor Marvin McNeese Jr. 

Marvin McNeese Jr. is currently the Chair for the General Education Department at College of Biblical Studies in Houston where he has taught political science for more than 15 years and has served as a grant writer in the Development Department. His training in political science and economics began at Albion College in Michigan and continued at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. At the same time, he enrolled in the Teresa Lorenzo Long Institute of Latin American Studies because he wanted to understand Hispanic Americans and what life is like in their countries of heritage. After earning two master’s degrees, he took a two-year assignment with Avant Ministries in Panama, as well as numerous other residencies and trips in six other Latin American countries. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Rice University in 2015.

Most of McNeese’s career has been spent in higher education, though he has helped several churches to develop and raise funds for their social service and charitable activities. McNeese is also a Deacon at Houston’s First Baptist Church where he, his wife and four children have been members since 1993.

McNeese also volunteers at the Texans and Trotter YMCAs, University Village Civic Club, Third Ward Complete Community, and the Emancipation Economic Development Council. He is a regular donor with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


Bachelor of Arts, Albion College, Michigan

Master of Arts in Latin American Studies, The University of Texas in Austin

Master of Public Affairs, LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas in Austin

Ph.D. in Political Science, Rice University

Served with Avant Ministries in Panama and six other Latin America countries for two years

Community Involvement 

Deacon at Houston’s First Baptist Church

Member of Houston’s First Baptist Church for more than 25 years

Volunteer Coach at Texans and Trotter YMCAs

University Village Civic Club

Third Ward Complete Community

Emancipation Economic Development Council

Regular Donor at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Years in Houston

Years of Related Experience

Guiding Beliefs

Guiding Beliefs

Issues change, but my values system will continue to guide the way I see the world.


Equity means solutions that fund drainage solutions, police officers, and road city services to serve in every community– not just a select few.


Make sure that improvement in essential city services takes priority over new initiatives as funding increases. Coordinate better with Houston’s non-profit heroes to solve our toughest social problems.


The people of our City should have trust and faith in the leadership our City Council is providing and its ability to serve their needs well. We should all have faith that progress is possible and the future of our City is bright.


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