Our job in City Government is to Keep First Things FIRST

Government is best when focused on those tasks and aspects of our lives that we must fulfill together.

City and civic leaders must keep these first things first, taking up others first in a posture of collaboration with other civic leaders and the public at large. As a member of City Council, Professor McNeese will push to take advantage of the following immediate opportunities to restore faith in City Hall by keeping first things first.

Safety is priority one.

Keeping ourselves safe from threats, both human and natural, is our number one priority. 

Maintaining roads, clean water, and cleaning up waste are critical services.

These, along with public safety, are essential services that residents expect from their municipal government.  They help us all to live peaceful and quiet lives by ensuring that the City’s commercial, residential, and recreational stakeholders have the essential infrastructure they need.  We must get these right.  We CAN get these right.

Accountable accounting is essential to our work.

City leaders need to calculate the unit cost of all service delivery task so that they can manage those better.   Then they can use that unit cost information to prioritize among competing services and processes and ultimately to truly balance the City’s budget.  


We CAN Restore Faith in City Hall

Government is best when focused on those tasks and aspects of our lives that we must fulfill together.

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We CAN Drain our Streets

We can prioritize City drainage to get water out of our streets, away from our homes, and into the City's Bayous.

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We CAN Solve More Crime.

We need to fix our budget so we can hire more police officers and pay our fire fighters.

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