We Can Restore Faith in City Hall

By ensuring transparency and accountability with our city budget, we can make safety a number one priority, we can drain our streets, and we can improve the quality of life for all Houstonians.

The McNeese Path to Progress

What matters most to Marvin McNeese, Jr. is finding efficient solutions to create progress for our community. Pragmatic vision and values-driven decision making are what you can expect from Marvin when it comes to the issues.

We CAN Restore Faith in City Hall

Government is best when focused on those tasks and aspects of our lives that we must fulfill together.

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We CAN Drain our Streets

We can prioritize City drainage to get water out of our streets, away from our homes, and into the City's Bayous.

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We CAN Solve More Crime.

We need to fix our budget so we can hire more police officers and pay our fire fighters.

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Equity means solutions that fund drainage solutions, police officers, and city services to serve in every community–not just a select few.




Make sure that improvement in essential city services takes priority over new initiatives as funding increases. Coordinate better with Houston’s non-profit heroes to solve our toughest social problems.



The people of our City should have trust and faith in the leadership our City Council is providing and its ability to serve their needs well. We should all have faith that progress is possible and the future of our City is bright. 


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